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For some, Nigel Farage is the architect of Brexit. A man who used a poster demonising immigrants, some political ties, and dodgy rhetoric to convince a large portion of the nation to vote to leave the EU in 2016.

Yet, as his vision of Brexit has slowly unfolded over the past two and a half years, Farage has had to do some serious backtracking and reassess some things that he has said in the past.

Now, the former UKIP leader has taken umbrage with the revelation on Monday evening that the Labour party will be backing a second referendum on the Brexit deal and whether the UK should stay in the EU.

In a clip, he shared from his LBC radio show Farage claimed that backing a second referendum was against everything that 'Jeremy Corbyn believes in'.

Throughout the course of his show, Farage stated that this goes against everything that the vast majority of Labour voters would have backed and that it showed that Westminster continues to be out of touch with the rest of the country.

Yet, it wasn't so long ago that Farage himself believed that a second referendum was the only way forward on Brexit, should the result have ended in a narrow win for one side.

In an interview with The Mirror in May 2016 the MEP said:

In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.

Given Farage's new-found objection to a second referendum, people were quick to fire this now infamous quote back at him, proving it to be another glorious self-own in his recent history.

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