Farewell Michael Gove, here were your best bits

Michael Gove has been replaced as education secretary by Nicky Morgan, as David Cameron carries out a drastic cabinet reshuffle. Here are the highlights from his tumultuous four years at the Department for Education.

  • He rebranded the Department for Children, Schools and Families (last led by the hated Ed Balls).
  • He introduced the flagship Conservative manifesto policy of free schools and allowed schools to apply to become academies.

  • He once... 'performed' a segment of Wham Rap! [sic] to a group of schoolchildren.

  • He... 'alienated' teachers.
  • He called his (many) critics "The Blob".

  • He briefed against Theresa May's handling of the so-called Trojan Horse plot by hardline Muslims to take over schools in Birmingham, and was forced to apologise by the prime minister.

  • He once fell over outside Downing Street:

  • His decision to axe Building Schools for the Future in six local authority areas was deemed unlawful due to a lack of consultation by a judicial review.

  • He inspired at least one young devotee at the Conservative Party conference:

  • He sought advice from right-wing historian Niall Ferguson on how to reshape the history curriculum.

  • Also, he once fell over outside Downing Street:

  • He was labelled by one critic as possessing "blinkered, almost messianic, self-belief".

  • He seemed permanently surprised to see journalists outside No 10:

  • He praised Britain's role in World War I, criticising Blackadder for presenting the conflict as a "series of catastrophic mistakes perpetrated by an out-of-touch elite".

  • He was immortalised in a pin cushion:

  • He starred in one of the greatest cartoons ever:
  • He re-ordered school league tables to give prominence to core subjects.

  • He tried to scrap GCSE exams and bring back O-levels (Gove-levels) but faced a barrage of criticism from Liberal Democrat coalition partners, teachers, trade unions, Labour MPs - pretty much everyone in fact.

  • And finally, he once fell over outside Downing Street:

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