Florida couple use their pet alligator in elaborate gender reveal stunt

WSVN 7 News/ Twitter

A couple in Tampa, Florida has used their pet alligator in to reveal the gender of their baby in a clip that has already gone viral.

Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad, used their pet gator 'Amos' to bite down on a balloon that would reveal the gender of what will be their tenth child.

After a few bites, the balloon burst to reveal a pink powder indicating that the child will be a girl. The video which was shared on Tuesday has already had more than 800,000 views on Twitter.

Amos has reportedly been with the family since 2005 and was in safe hands as Chad is said to work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a nuisance wildlife trapper, so you can bet that he can handle himself around a creature of this size, especially in Florida which is said to host around 1.25 million in the 'sunshine state' alone.

However, the video has divided opinion online with some feeling that the use of the alligator was unnecessary and that gender reveals have become too elaborate.

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