Fox News correspondent repeatedly deadnames Chelsea Manning during Julian Assange report

Fox News correspondent repeatedly deadnames Chelsea Manning during Julian Assange report

Following the arrest of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange in London, in the coming weeks we are likely to be hearing the name Chelsea Manning a lot.

The former US soldier, activist and whistle-blower was convicted by US authorities in 2013 for disclosing nearly 750,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks, whom she is believed to have known Assange through.

Assange has also been arrested by US officials who have charged him with a hacking conspiracy linked to Manning, who was jailed last Friday for contempt of court.

When reporting on the arrest, Fox News correspondent, Greg Palkot, rather than refer to Manning as her chosen name, instead repeatedly called her by her deadname 'Bradley'.

Palkot said:

Julian Assange, famous or infamous depending on who you are talking to, for the leaks coming from his WikiLeaks organisation. 

Classified information about the Iraq and Afghan war. Classified state department cables, coming with the help at that time of Bradley Manning. 

Later on, Palkot used the dead name again saying:

Assange, famous for releasing information to is WikiLeaks side on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Pentagon classified state department cables, at the time, back in 2010, with the help of the then Bradley Manning.

Manning has identified as female since her sentencing in 2013, has identified as female since childhood and has requested to be called Chelsea since then.

Calling a trans person by their deadname is considered to be incredibly offensive and insensitive and Fox News and Palkot have been criticised for referring to Manning by such a name.

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