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Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry has attempted to mock 'the left' and the science community by asking why they keep changing the terminology they use for global warming.

On Friday morning's edition of Fox and Friends, Henry presented a segment where he asked why terminology on the issue of global warming keeps consistently changing.

Referencing the current extreme cold weather that the US is experiencing, he asked:

We know it's cold outside. Now the left is actually using new terms for global warming, like 'extreme weather.'

Why do they keep changing the language? Are they just pushing the same old agenda with new words?

We all know that Trump often gets a bit confused when it comes to global warming but we didn't think that Fox was as naive. It appears not.

He then showed a graphic labelled 'The Left's Shifting Terminology' which stated that the name of 'global warming' had been changed to 'climate change' and then 'extreme weather.'

Someone really should have stopped them there to explain that all three of those are completely different things and nobody has attempted to change the names or terminology.

Henry then spoke to conservative radio host Mike Slater, who believes that 'the left' keep changing the terms 'because they are not winning the argument' and want to 'take your money'.

They are not winning the argument. That's what the left does when they aren't winning the argument they change the name of the words.

With immigration, it was alien, to illegal immigrant, to undocumented and now 'dreamers.'

Same thing with global warming. First, it's global warming, which is a hard sell when it's six degrees outside.

So, then it's climate change so now anything can justify them taking more of your money for government control but now they've broadened it to extreme weather.

There has always been extreme weather. There has been extreme weather since the beginning of the planet.

There has been hurricanes, wildfires and all the rest. There has been extreme weather well before the combustible engine was invented.

Sorry, what????

The irony of all this is that it was actually a pro-Republican advisor who is said to have coined the term 'climate change.'

In 2003, Frank Lutz is reported to have told George W. Bush that the phrase 'global warming' should be altered to 'climate change.'

So, there you go it was the right who was responsible for changing the words.

Regardless, Twitter has been left dumbfounded by this report from Fox which really does beggar belief, especially when 12 people have died because of the polar vortex.

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