Fox News attacked Hillary Clinton for swearing on Graham Norton. They clearly haven't seen the show

BBC/YouTube screengrab

Hillary Clinton had a lot to say during her trip to the UK earlier this month, where she was promoting her new book.

The former Presidential candidate basically enjoyed a state visit, way before Donald Trump has enjoyed such an honour.

One of the many legs on her journey included an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

During the show she praised the service she received from the NHS, after breaking her toe and also talked about how she tried to avoid President Trump's inauguration ceremony.

When talking about President Trump's speech at the event, Hillary didn't pull any punches.

Claiming to quote former President George W. Bush's words that day, she said "That was some weird sh*t".

Now, most of us will have witnessed The Graham Norton Show at least once in our lives.

It is very laid back, where guests are allowed to say or do whatever they want (within reason).

Just a few weeks ago, Margot Robbie tattooed the foot of a crew member.

FOX News have possibly never seen the show and chose to cover Hillary's interview with the following headline.

Hillary Clinton uses obscenity on TV describing reaction to Trump's inaugural speech

Yet here is a prime example of how often guests curse on the show, which airs late at night in the UK.

The Graham Norton Show comes on after the 9pm watershed, where the BBC's take a more relaxed approach to swearing.

Their editorial guidelines on swearing and the context in which it is accepted read as follows:

The vast majority of audiences understand that the 9pm television watershed signals a move to more adult content.

Even though strong language - and the strongest language - is permissible after the watershed, audiences may feel it is inappropriate if it appears to be out of context, for example in charity appeals such as Comic Relief or Children in Need.

Special consideration should also be given to post-watershed content which may appeal to younger audiences. And on BBC One, the broad nature of the channel's audience means the bar for the strongest language between 9pm and 10pm should remain significantly higher than on other BBC television channels.

Although the FOX doesn't heavily lambaste Hillary for using strong language, the headline, without any real knowledge of the show, could be considered as more than a little cynical.


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