Fox & Friends presenter Anna Kooiman

This weekend in California a suspected would-be burglar died after getting stuck in a chimney when the homeowner unknowingly lit a fire.

A coroner concluded that 19-year-old Cody Caldwell died from smoke inhalation and burns.

A grim story no doubt, but there was something in it that a Fox News presenter appeared to find amusing.

On Sunday's Fox & Friends programme, Anna Kooiman had to stifle giggles as she reported on the story:

And an attempted crime turned deadly for one suspected burglar. The man climbed into a chimney [laughter] of a rural California home, but he got stuck.

An unsuspecting resident returned home [laughter], lit a fire in his fireplace, and later decided to call 911 after hearing screams. The rescue teams used jackhammers to reach [laughter] the man but it was too late, they're still trying to figure out his identity.

Watch the clip below.

Via Raw Story

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