Fox News has faced backlash after it chose to cut away from coverage of ex-president Trump’s ongoing impeachment trial in the US Senate.

 As House impeachment managers set out the case to convict Trump, showing senators what has been described as “chilling” videos from the attack on the US Capitol on 6 January.

Speaking during the trial, representative Eric Swalwell said: “You may have heard one man yelled, ‘no violence’, and another responded, it’s too late for that.”

However, the broadcaster then decided to run the opening titles for its panel show, The Five, with co-host Jesse Watters beginning by saying “the political math doesn’t add up”.

“Democrats don’t have the votes, yet they’re still pressing ahead,” he said.

The programme later descended into chaos, as panellist Juan Williams accused the other presenters of “ignoring” the impeachment trial.

Shortly before being interrupted, he continued: “I guess you’re afraid of it because it’s a reminder…”

He later went on to add that “facing the truth” is the way that people can “bring the country together”.

“Ignoring the problem is not the way to solve the problem,” he said.

Commentator Greg Gutfeld responded: “Don’t mind read, Juan.”

Fox’s decision to shift away from the ongoing impeachment trial was also criticised on Twitter.

According to HuffPost UK, a spokesperson for the broadcaster gave no comment on their decision to air the programme.

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