It appears that Donald Trump's policies and outbursts have become so bizarre, that even Fox News reporters are now beginning to denounce them.

On Monday, Fox News anchor Shepard 'Shep' Smith accused Donald Trump of exploiting the 'migrant caravan' in order to stoke anxieties among the populace ahead of the midterm elections.

Speaking on Fox News, he said:

Tomorrow the migrants, according to Fox News reporting, are more than two months away, if any of them actually come here.

But tomorrow is one week before the midterm election, which is what all of this is about.

There is no invasion. No one’s coming to get you. There’s nothing at all to worry about.

Trump has consistently riled against the 'caravan' of Central American migrants in the run up to the November midterm elections, calling them an 'invasion' as well as a range of other anti-immigration rhetoric.

On Monday, he directly referred to the migrants in a tweet, telling them to 'go back'. He added:

This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!

Thousands of migrants are trudging towards the United States' border with Mexico from Central America. Many are fleeing persecution, poverty, and violence in their home countries of Honduras, Guatamala, and El Salvador, reports the BBC.

On 12 October, a group of approximately 160 Hondurans gathered at a bus terminal in the crime-ridden city of San Pedro Sula, and by the 13th, more people joined, with approximately 1,000 migrants embarking on the perilous journey.

The 'caravan' has since crossed through Guatemala and Mexico, and on 30 October, a US border official said a group of 3,000 mainly-Honduran migrants were at the US Mexico border.

Speaking to local paper El Heraldo, a mother of two in the caravan said:

It's our dream to reach the United States, we want to give our children a better future and here [in Honduras] we can't find work.

Smith breaks with his colleagues in their coverage of the migrant caravan, with many criticising the news network's coverage, which has often framed it in news segments as an existential threat to the U.S, reports The Hill.

In the report, he noted that Trump and other politicians had used similar rhetoric about a caravan that had dissipated earlier in the year:

When they did this to us, got us all riled up in April, remember?

The result was 14 arrests. We’re America. We can handle it. But, like I said, a week to the election. 

HT The Hill

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