Fox News presenter Shepard Smith on Hurricane Matthew: 'You’re going to die and so will your kids’

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Shepard Smith, presenting Fox News' coverage of Hurricane Matthew, has been behaving bizarrely.

Hurricane Matthew has already killed hundreds in Haiti, it's travelling north onto the continental United States.

Smith has been trying to convince residents of Florida in the hurricane's path to follow the orders of the state's governor and evactuate.

Valiant as this is, his attempts have been somewhat overzealous.

In one instance he gave this extreme message to viewers:

This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead. All of you. Because you can’t survive it.... And your kids die too.

The earnestness of his language clashes with the drawl in which he delivers his warnings, sounding almost flippant.

In another moment Smith shows footage of a house in Haiti being torn apart by the wind. He remarks that the occupant did not evacuate.

That was a good idea.

He says sarcastically.

In another moment Smith remarks that people aren't moving "because of freedom and stuff".

Perhaps Smith is getting tired of the news' focus on Hurricane Matthew, which he refers to as:


Coverage - smother, get it?

Then suddenly, the apocalyptic weather becomes less important than Smith's schedule.

We’ll be live all night long tonight; I won’t be because I’m going to a family wedding. So if you’re supposed to get out, go ahead and get out, ’cause if too many of you perish, they’ll send me down there and I need to go to this wedding, okay?

So please evactuate, if not to save your family (who will die otherwise), but to allow Smith to attend his wedding. A few of you can perish. But not 'too many'.

The over the top style reminds us of another advice coach.

More of the bizarre presentational style can be seen here, including a part where Smith says 'Wirdy-durd'.


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