Fox News host doesn't understand why you simply can't just lift up the Titanic

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A new submarine dive down to the Titanic has revealed that bits are falling off of it, and strangely enough, Fox News hosts have come up with a novel way of solving the problem.

The first team of divers to explore the Titanic in 15 years say that parts of the wreck are deteriorating rapidly, something they've found out over the course of a series of dives surveying the sunken ship, which lies 3,800 meters below the Atlantic, reports the BBC.

Historian Parks Stephenson said what he saw during the dive was 'shocking', and he added:

The captain's bathtub is a favourite image among Titanic enthusiasts - and that's now gone. 

That whole deck house on that side is collapsing, taking with it the state rooms. And that deterioration is going to continue advancing.

Now, Fox News hosts have discussed the ship, and they're unsure about why you can't just lift the entire wreck out of the sea... yes, really.

Speaking to his co-hosts, Brian Kilmead, the news anchor, asked:

The headline should be the most unsurprising of the day.

The Titanic that sunk over 100 years ago is deteriorating...

He then added:

If we wanted to save it, we could have lifted it! 

We talked about that, right?

And then, his piece de resistance:

You put balloons underneath it, and lift it up!

Another co-host then chipped in with some common sense:

You could do that if it wasn't underneath a thousand feet of water...

It goes without saying that when the clip was shared to Twitter, it went down like... well, (insert poor taste joke here).

Some focussed on Janice's 'no comment' at the end of the segment.

Maybe this could be Trump's next move!


Why's it down there, anyway?


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