Video shows the vast difference between how Tucker Carlson reacts to protesters

Video shows the vast difference between how Tucker Carlson reacts to protesters

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shows no signs of giving up making light of the Capitol riots that took place last month.

Back in 2018, he was subject to a number of people protesting outside his house while his wife was home alone. Understandably, he was very vocal about the impact it had on him at the time.

However, he doesn’t seem to believe those affected by the Capitol riots deserve the same courtesy, as revealed by one Twitter user who compared his response to both events.

The aftershocks of the riots have been far-ranging, with Nancy Pelosi recommending lawmakers to seek therapy, five deaths, and an upcoming impeachment trial.

Most would agree it’s not something to make light of, but not Fox News’ second-highest ranking host. who does pretty well from saying some truly bizarre stuff.

In the first clip, he speaks on how he felt in the aftermath of his personal attack, saying that America’s “public conversation has been hijacked by extremists like this”.

Throughout the next, Tucker refers to the Capitol riots as the “great terrorist siege of January 6th". Many have interpreted his tone as sarcastic throughout as he describes the appearances of “over 65s” that made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fear for her life, for added flair.

For those perplexed not just by this,  but by the way he calls her “Sandy” - many have interpreted this habit as Tucker thinking the name discredits her status as a Congresswoman, due to the non-scandal that she used it as a nickname during high school.

It has been widely discussed on social media since.

The riots have undoubtedly had a lingering impact on US politics and the way Americans view their political divides.

Thousands of registered Republicans even left the party over it.

There’s a higher chance of Jared Kusher winning the Nobel Peace Prize than seeing Tucker Carlson acknowledge any of that, though.

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