AOC calls out Ted Cruz in jaw-dropping Twitter clapback over GameStop debacle

AOC calls out Ted Cruz in jaw-dropping Twitter clapback over GameStop debacle

It seemed as though the ongoing stock market saga was the first issue in a long while that had all sides of the political spectrum in total agreement. 

Where else would you find Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez agreeing on the same issue?

You can throw Ted Cruz into that mix too, but not without a rapturous shutdown from the latter that has left jaws on the internet floor for the past 24 hours after.

AOC was one of the first politicians in the US to make their opinions known about the actions of trading app Robinhood, labelling them “unacceptable” and demanding an investigation as part of her position on the US government’s Financial Services Committee.

At this point, the Texas Senator decides to give his two cents, purporting to “fully agree” with her thoughts on this issue.

It was rare scene of attempted collaboration from the GOP to one of the most progressive Democrats in the Senate. Some Twitter users and media outlets had even started to celebrate it.

However, this was halted with a bold statement that set Twitter alight.

AOC made it clear that she is “open” to working with other Republicans on the matter, but only ones that she alleges “aren’t trying to get me killed”.

She of course speaks in reference to the Capitol attacks that took place earlier this month, where Congresswoman has since claimed she “had a very close encounter” where she thought she was going to die.

“If you want to help, you can resign", she concluded.

It is now being suggested that the statement is a potential legal matter by Republican mouthpieces, unless AOC can prove Ted Cruz did in fact contribute to the events that took place within the Capitol that threatened her wellbeing.

She will have the support of her party, who have filed an ethics complaint against him for lending “legitimacy” to the unfounded claims of election fraud that incited the violence.

Looks like American politics is the most divided it has ever been.

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