France may start a four-day work week

There seem to be calls from experts every other day for us to have fewer working hours, shorter weeks and later starts.

While it sounds like a great idea, no government has been willing to entertain the idea.

But now, French Socialist politician Benoit Hamon has proposed a 32-hour working week.

During a televised debate with rival Manuel Valls, the presidential hopeful promised that workers would still receive the current legal work week wage – so they would be paid for 35 hours’ work.

In the UK, the average worker works 37 hours week, including 3.6 hours of overtime, according to the Office for National Statistics.

But it’s not just our own health that can improve from less time at work; a study last year found that shorter work days increase productivity.

And some people were on board with Hamon's idea:

Where do we sign up?

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