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An Argentinian news channel is facing criticism after displaying an image of Apu from The Simpsons when covering the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20.

Cronica TV displayed the image of the animated character next to the plane carrying Modi, with the headline 'Apu Arrives' displayed beneath.

In the past 12 months the character of Apu has undergone heavy scrutiny as viewers of The Simpsons believed the character portrayed a stereotypical view of an Indian man and that his character had shown little progression.

This has eventually led to the character being dropped from the show altogether.

Images of this part of Cronica's broadcast were captured and shared on Twitter leading to widespread criticism and condemnation of the channel.

Some did try to defend the channel for the joke, as this is something of a trope of theirs and claimed that Argentina isn't a racist country.

The Indian news outlet Firstpostadded that the song 'Ring Ring Ringa' from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack was also played over the footage.

Firstpostalso reported that other world leaders such as Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Rwandan president Paul Kagame were also treated with stereotypical jokes.

Cronica TV has been broadcasting in Argentina since 1994 and is well known for its satirical and unorthodox way of presenting the news and information.


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