Tory politician forced to resign after shocking tweets about ‘fat mums’ and the NHS emerge
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The chairman of a Welsh Conservative association has reportedly resigned after ranting about “fat mums” and “snot-covered Asbo(s)” relying on the NHS.

Gareth Baines, who chaired the Clywyd South Conservative Association, tweeted:

“A&Es in Germany aren’t full of fat mums in pot noodle-stained leggings/ pjs taking their kids for a day out at A&E to harvest Facebook likes because their darling little snot-covered Asbo fell over. Happy New Year.”

In another tweet, he claimed that the NHS is treated like a “sacred cow”.

“Our NHS is treated as a sacred cow and cannot be criticised. Those arguing for reform are deemed to be Satan incarnate.

I’m sorry, but after spending most of my life working on the continent, the NHS isn’t the best in the world - it isn’t one of the best in Europe. Pales when compared with systems like Germany and Norway.”

Baines’s personal Twitter account, @DrGABaines, to which he posted these tweets is set to private, although he also has a public Twitter presence.

He was strongly criticised for his “terrible” rant.

According to the Daily Post, Baines issued a statement of apology and resignation through the Conservative Party:

“Whilst I feel my comments have been taken out of context, I do offer my sincere apologies for any offence they may have caused.

I have also taken the decision to step down from my role as Chairman of Clwyd South Conservative Association with immediate effect.”

Indy100 has contacted Gareth Baines and the Clwyd South Conservative Association for comment and we’ll update you if they respond.

Chirk Town Council, where Baines remains as councillor, refused a request for comment from us.

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