Young gay couple say they were kicked out of restaurant for hugging

Youtube / CBS Chicago

A young gay couple were reportedly asked to leave a Chicago restaurant for hugging.

Kendall Anderson and his boyfriend, Peder Sevig, were with a group of friends at the Big Boy Gyros restaurant in Chicago when they allege that a man approached them and told them to stop hugging.

Anderson told CBS Chicago that the man, who they believed to be an employee, said:

We can’t have two guys hugging in here.

After the incident they decided to leave. On their way out, they claim the man said:

We don’t want your kind here, anyway.

It has not been confirmed who the man was or whether he was an employee at the restaurant. The couple both attend Lane Tech High School. An email addressing the incident was sent to parents. It said:

As a school, we are disheartened because our students were treated with disrespect and made to feel unwelcome. As a community, we stand strong and we want to make it clear that Lane Tech does not stand for discrimination of any kind.

We will not tolerate hatred and will not support an organisation that promotes hatred of any kind. We support any students, staff and community members that choose to not support Big Boy Gyros.

The couple are still “shocked and hurt” following the incident. Moving forward, CBS Chicago reports that students at the school may be organising a boycott of the restaurant.

H/T: PinkNews / CBS Chicago

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