GB News clip appears to feature someone ‘being sick’ in the background

We’ve all got strong opinions about the government ’s handling of coronavirus , but it seems their flip-flopping and vacillating over ‘Freedom Day’ has made someone in Hull literally throw up.

In a clip posted to Twitter on Monday, which we hope wasn’t actually used by the channel , Anna Riley, Yorkshire reporter , asked a member of public what he thought about the delays to the final stage of lockdown easing.

But whatever the theatre worker thought paled in comparison to the sound of someone hacking up their guts in the background. Take a listen:

GB News has made a number of errors in its first week on air. They have been plagued by people writing to them with fake names like Mike Oxlong and Hugh Janus, and have had numerous technical difficulties including ad breaks starting too early and sound cutting out. They have also faced an advertising exodus , with brands like Ikea and Specsavers shunning the channel, much to their distress.

But who wouldn’t want to advertise on a channel in which you can hear people hurling down the streets of Hull? Who wouldn’t want their channel to be more like GB Spews?

Reacting to the clip, a number of people inquired into the health of the poor Hull resident:

Whoever they are, we wish them (and GB News) a speedy recovery.

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