Gen Z's rapid ageing linked to their addiction to vapes, says expert

Gen Z's rapid ageing linked to their addiction to vapes, says expert
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Gen Z are ageing more rapidly and have worse skin because of their addiction to vapes, an expert has warned.

From “collagen banking” to living underwater, people seem to be going to greater lengths to preserve their youth, in terms of both internal health and external appearance.

However, one expert has warned that Gen Z is ageing more rapidly than other generations because of their addiction to vapes.

The generation born between 1997 and 2012 were born into a world where vapes, or nicotine vaporizers, were hailed as a safer alternative to smoking.

While the long-term effects of smoking cigarettes are well-known, including increased risk of cancer, yellowing teeth, bad breath and premature wrinkles. But, the long-term effects of vape usage are less certain.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those aged between 18 and 24 are the most likely group to use e-cigarettes among all adults.

Vape usage has been linked to why Gen Z say they are ageing like milk, according to dermatologists who have described “vape face” in skin.

Dr Bav Shergill from the British Association of Dermatologists explained to the Daily Mail that nicotine is a large culprit in terms of skin health.

He explained: “Nicotine is the active ingredient, and it is associated with all kinds of skin problems. It is associated with acne, psoriasis and breakouts.”

Nicotine also encourages the breakdown of elastic fibres within the skin that offer some “ding” or some “lift-up”.

Dr Shergill continued: “They get degraded by people who have a lot of nicotine usage.”


For younger people, dermatologists say the effects of nicotine use are more noticeable in the skin.

“If you get two people, twins for example, and you had one who is a smoker and likes a bit of sunshine, and you look at them at the age of 25 and you can see the difference between them,” Dr Shergill explained. “The ageing starts quite early with smoking and sun exposure.”

The combination of heat and chemicals, as well as the reduced blood flow to the skin due to nicotine makes it harder for the human body to repair damage, Asiya Maula, GP at the medical centre The Health Suite, explained.

In addition, nicotine use can cause dehydration, which can also affect collagen which has a “plumping” effect within the skin.

Dr Shergill added: “You lose your collagen, which is basically like the stuffing in the mattress, if you get rid of that, the mattress goes saggy and your skin goes saggy.”

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