Jeremy Corbyn has perfect response to Tories mocking Labour's 'broadband communism' plans

This week Labour has unveiled it's most groundbreaking policy proposal yet as the party wants to install broadband internet in every home in the country, for free should they win the general election.

This bold announcement by Jeremy Corbyn's party has already been derided by some, including former Labour MP Chris Leslie, who called it a 'crackpot scheme.'

Elsewhere, the BBC called it 'broadband communism' while the Tories have been doing everything they can to smear the policy as something that is completely unattainable and will cost tax-payers millions.

In response to these claims and those mocking him, the Labour leader posted a very short and to the point tweet on Saturday evening.

He wrote:

If I was proposing the creation of our NHS today, the Conservatives would call it health communism.

We honestly couldn't have put it better ourselves and the rest of the internet agreed.

The Tories own health secretary, Matt Hancock, tried to weigh in on the matter by telling Corbyn that the NHS was actually a construct created by the Conservatives.

However, this only resulted in people reminding Hancock of the numerous times that the Tories have voted against NHS policies in the Commons, including the actual creation of the entire thing.

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