The Tories are about to win huge majority and people are utterly speechless

Hot off the presses: the prime minister won't actually be Hugh Grant... We're like 99.999 per cent sure that we'll wake up tomorrow to Boris Johnson still running the country.

It's going to be wildly awkward for those of us who indignantly moaned that 160,000 people chose our prime minister, and he would never be elected democratically.

Although to be fair, the exit poll made us all look like utter idiots so at least we're in it together, right?

Here are the numbers:

Tories: 368 seats 
Labour: 191 seats 
Lib Dem: 13
SNP: 55
Greens: 1

This is not your standard campaign poll either, exit polls are insanely accurate. They predicted the hung parliament in 2017 and the Conservative win in 2015. If it goes the same way this time round, we're going to be faced with the biggest Tory majority in recent history.

Lots of people needed alcohol…

Some people wanted to jet off to outer space…

Others blamed Brexit.

Others said it ruined Christmas.

But most people really didn’t know what to say. There was sorry, heart-ache and fear.

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