Geoffrey Boycott has become one of many people arguing that a no-deal Brexit won't be terrible because "we fought two world wars and came out on top".

The former England cricketer spoke on Good Morning Britain to share his thoughts on Brexit, the leadership contest and Boris Johnson.

When asked about Brexit specifically, Boycott responded with an impassioned speech, saying:

'Great Britain, the United Kingdom, we as a people, if we don't have a deal with Europe, then we will collapse. It will be terrible.'

No it won't, we fought two world wars and we came out on top. Why? Because of the spirit and the determination of the British people. 

We are strong people. We'll survive.

The 78-year-old is not the first person to make this particular argument, which has been criticised in the past. Just a few months ago, Brexit party candidate Ann Widdecombe said a no-deal is "nothing compared to the sacrifice that we asked a previous generation to make in order to ensure Britain’s freedom".

Nonetheless, people flooded to social media to share their thoughts on the argument, one of which is the fact that Boycott didn't fight in any world wars.

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