Ahead of today's crucial Brexit vote in the Commons, the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has called a report on his legal advice to be literally 'balls.'

In response to a tweet from Channel 4's Jon Snow, where the presenter suggested that he understood that Cox had said 'no' to Theresa May's 'new EU deal,' Cox was quick to say otherwise.

Yes, that's literally what an elected member of parliament said to a journalist just hours before one of the most crucial votes in the entire Brexit saga.

Needless to say, Twitter has been quick to retweet and comment on Cox's post, with many shocked and puzzled at his language.

This came just a few days after Cox mentioned his 'codpiece' in the Commons and there were more than a few mentions of that now infamous moment.

Besides that, as you can imagine, there were many, many jokes the entire scene was very amusing.

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