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It's been said that Donald Trump is a gift to comedians and satirists. Surely, someone so comedic is comedy gold?

Well, in actual fact, not really - he's already written most of the punch lines himself. And to be honest, it's getting harder and harder to make a joke about something so scary.

Fortunately, there are some wise souls out there who are still managing to poke fun at the soon-to-be commander in chief, in new and innovative ways.

Take the designers over The Economist for example; Their latest cover features the 45th president face-swapped with the 1st president, George Washington.

It's topped off with the excellent addition of a pin badge reading:

I'll be tremendous

Picture:Picture: The Economist

The article questions what Donald Trump is likely to achieve in power, and how he will be perceived by the citizens of United States and beyond.

It explains:

It is extraordinary how little American voters and the world at large feel they know about what Mr Trump intends.

Those who back him are awaiting the biggest shake-up in Washington, DC, in half a century—though their optimism is an act of faith.

Those who oppose him are convinced there will be chaos and ruin on an epoch-changing scale—though their despair is guesswork. All that just about everyone can agree on is that Mr Trump promises to be an entirely new sort of American president. The question is, what sort? 

You can read the full article and pick up the latest issue of The Economist at their website.

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