Geraldo Rivera critica la cobertura de Fox News del caso Mollie Tibbetts
Geraldo Rivera critica la cobertura de Fox News del caso Mollie Tibbetts
Fox News

Of all the people (and there are a lot) that we might expect to lash out at Donald Trump, Fox News journalists don’t tend to be that high on the list.

But just to prove that all things can end up going topsy-turvy in 2020, that’s exactly what happened last night.

Geraldo Rivera is a well-known television personality, having worked as a war correspondent for Fox during the Iraq War, hosted his own show and regularly appearing on Fox News programmes such as The Five.

He is known for his conservative views and has been at the centre of controversy in the past. He has also been a continued supporter of President Trump, who he has said he considered a friend, although he has condemned Trump’s comments about Mexican people and other immigrant groups.

In a tweet posted around midnight on Saturday, Rivera highlighted his continued support for Trump, but criticised the president’s behaviour since his defeat in the election last month, comparing him to “an entitled frat boy”.

A lot of Rivera’s followers who support Trump were not happy he "turned on him".

While others who agreed with his sentiment thought the comments were naive, and that Trump’s attitude towards his election defeat – promoting baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud and refusing to concede – are just another example of the behaviour he’s long displayed.

Rivera appeared to ignore the response to his tweet, and followed up with a damming indictment of Sydney Powell, calling her “pathetic” and saying she is “working to destroy the legacy of Donald Trump.”

Powell is lawyer who was dropped by Trump’s team after espousing conspiracy theories so wild that the city of Detroit asked a federal judge to sanction her for undermining the democratic process.

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