Man dubbed #GiftBoxBobby goes viral after video shows him using racial slurs to insult department store employees

A man has been filmed using racist slurs and harassing two women at a Macy's store in Dallas, Texas, after he refused to pay for gift wrapping.

The incident, which reportedly took place on Christmas Eve, ignited after the man became irate at two employees who began to talk in a different language, which the customer said was 'Arabic', while they were serving him. It has not been confirmed if they were speaking Arabic or not.

He then began to question why they weren't speaking a language he couldn't speak in America and suspected they were talking about him, all because he wouldn't pay $1 for a gift box for the item he had purchased.

As the argument escalated, customers began to intervene on behalf of the women he was insulting, which led to him calling them 'Arabs' and 'Democrats'.

Footage of the argument and the man using the slurs was captured and shared on Twitter by a user who has asked to have his identity remain confidential.

The clips, which have already been viewed millions of times on Twitter, have already seen the man been dubbed #GiftBoxBobby, and continue the trend of white people using racial language to insult others or report them to the police.

The man who filmed the video told Daily Dot that there were around 10-12 customers watching the scene unfold and attempting to help and stand-up for the women. He adds:

The customer was being hostile to the employees because they didn’t wrap his present along with the purchase.

 No one had really paid attention to him until he started bringing their language/ethnicity into it which is when a woman came and stood up for the other woman.

The man started to threaten to call the police, so I began recording to have evidence that the employee and woman did nothing wrong.

Although the man had been insulting her, the woman still attempts to serve him and eventually points him in the direction of a department that would wrap the gift for him.

The crowd who were watching the scene then laughed when they learned what the argument was about, which leads the man to focus his insults on them.

All you Arabs! And Democrats! Go back where you came from! I cannot see how many Arabs came out of the woodwork.

The man who is filming the video then calls #GiftBoxBobby a "snowflake", which prompts 'Bobby' to swear at him and then challenge him to "put me on YouTube".

A spokesperson from Macy's said:

We believe our Macy’s employees and customers should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness.

We aim to create a welcoming environment and we apologise for what occurred in our store.

According to Twitter, a police report was filed but the man left before anyone could get his information.

HT Daily Dot

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