Glasgow ‘Willy Wonka experience’ to be recreated in California

Glasgow ‘Willy Wonka experience’ to be recreated in California
Props from the original Willy’s Chocolate Experience in Glasgow which were auctioned for charity (Monorail/PA)
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The infamous Willy’s Chocolate Experience which prompted police to be called to a Glasgow warehouse by angry parents will be recreated in Los Angeles later this month.

The “notorious” event sparked dozens of memes, and it was even referred to in the House of Commons by Tory MP Penny Mordaunt after it hit the headlines in February when children were wrongly promised unlimited sweets at a warehouse.

Actor and yoga teacher Kirsty Paterson, 29, who became a viral hit after pictures emerged of her as a sad Oompa Loompa at the “immersive” £35-a-ticket experience, will be the star of the California event.

Willy Wonka experience \u2013 GlasgowA mural by artist Ejek on Clyde Street, Glasgow, inspired by the disastrous Willy’s Chocolate Experience (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire)PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

Comedy star Zach Galifianakis been linked to the Willy’s Chocolate Experience LA event on the Eventbrite website, which is described as “tongue-in-cheek”.

Attendees are invited to “step into a world of pure imagination at Willy’s Chocolate Experience Los Angeles as chocolate memes come to life” at a “nondescript” warehouse in California, where two free Jelly Beans will be given per 44-dollar (around £35) ticket on April 28.

Ms Paterson was billed as a “notorious Scottish Oompa Loompa”, and will take part in a Q&A session.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she described the opportunity as a “modern-day fairytale”.

The Glasgow event, hosted by House of Illuminati and businessman Billy Coull, was shut down after just half a day when police were called by angry parents, but Ms Paterson won a horde of fans and became an internet sensation in the aftermath.

The American version has adopted the name, but Ms Paterson said this was done as a joke.

Wonka experience muralA mural by artist Ejek on Clyde Street, Glasgow, pays tribute to the disastrous show (Andrew Milligan/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

She told the Record said she had received messages of support from celebrities in the States and hoped to launch a career as a children’s television presenter.

Ms Paterson added: “I didn’t really expect to end up in the USA or to go as big as this because the USA is on a different level. I’ve not been to America before. As a trained actor it’s really exciting for me to go over there.

“I’m doing a lot of meetings and a lot of networking out there. As a trained actress it’s not an impossibility that I’ll be doing movies.”

There will be a meet and greet experience in Los Angeles with tongue-in-cheek versions of the original Glasgow Wonka experience.
Halston Bruce, event producer in Los Angele

Guests will be welcomed to “a plethora of enchanting attractions” in downtown LA, including DJ sets and film screenings, as well as getting to meet Ms Paterson, who was described as having a “heart of gold”.

Galifianakis is tipped to host Q&A session on the Eventbrite listing with fellow comic Nathan Fieldert.

Ms Paterson said she was a big fan of both, and “can’t wait to meet them”.

The listing for the event also claims: “Additionally, Hollywood heartthrob Timothee Chalamet has expressed interest in attending, further heightening the excitement surrounding this extraordinary event.”

After meeting film moguls in Hollywood, Ms Paterson will appear at the former Studio 54 nightclub in New York, now named 54 54 54, in May, the Record reported.

She added: “The House of Illuminati LA name is a joke. It’s not Billy Coull. I don’t do any work with him and steer clear of that for a reason. After LA I’m off to New York.”

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