Watch out parents, alcoholic 'tide pods' are a thing

Marianne Eloise@marianne_eloise
Tuesday 08 October 2019 09:15

Remember a couple of years ago, when people actually had to remind kids not to eat Tide pods? And Tide worked really hard to dispel myths that their laundry detergent was delicious?

Well, Glenlivet seem set to undo all of that hard work with their new whisky Tide pods, or "The Glenlivet Capsule Collection", as they're calling it.

The tasty little pods mean that you can chug whisky with no need for a glass or ice, which to whisky snobs everywhere has been an absolute outrage.

The pods are made from seaweed, which... Doesn't sound very delicious.

But they did team up with a sustainable packaging company, so points for being eco-friendly at least?

People were pretty quick to compare them to Tide pods, which is fair enough, considering they're nearly exactly the same.

Of course, they do have some very obvious bonuses – imagine how easy it'll be to sneak booze into venues and clubs now! Whisky pods up your sleeve, down your jeans, lining your bags.

Thanks Glenlivet.

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