Has anyone checked on Glenn Close?

Because after losing out for the Best Actress Oscar to Olivia Colman, she could probably use a hug. Though it’s not all bad, because the most nominated actress never to receive an Oscar did have some fun earlier on in the evening. Well, if her latest viral clip is anything to go by, that is.

We’re accustomed to memeable moments at the Oscars. Remember Jennifer Garner realising something mid clap? Dressed entirely in gold, like a human Oscar statuette, Close was captured soaking up the atmosphere on the red carpet in a moment that’s launched a thousand memes.

In the clip, Close can be seen looking at someone in the distance and smiling. We’ll probably never know who it was, so the internet inevitably thought of a few answers of its own.

Even if it wasn't to be this time around, at least Close can take comfort in giving people one of the best memes of the night.

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