Kitten Tiny Tim ‘doing amazingly’ after being found alone in garden at week old

The kitten nicknamed Tiny Tim (Cats Protection/PA)
The kitten nicknamed Tiny Tim (Cats Protection/PA)

A kitten nicknamed Tiny Tim is “doing amazingly” after being found in a garden away from his mother.

The cat is believed to have been around a week old when he was found in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire by gardener Lloyd Houghton.

“I found him helpless on the soil and wailing,” Mr Houghton said.

“I could see he was in need of special care as he was far too young to be away from his mother.

“I tried to look for the mother, who I think is a feral cat that roams the gardens, but there was no cat or any more kittens to be found.”

(Cats Protection)

Mr Houghton then rushed the kitten to the Evesham branch of charity Cats Protection where volunteers and staff gave him milk, warmed him up, and placed him in a bed ready for round-the-clock care.

Amie Jones, deputy centre manager, said: “We have no way of knowing why Tim got abandoned.

“His mum might have been moving the litter and dropped him or got spooked, but we can only guess.

“We asked around the area where he was found but nobody knew of a mother cat with new kittens, so he was extremely vulnerable and certainly would not have survived much longer if he hadn’t been brought to us.”

(Cats Protection)

Tiny Tim has now been fostered by a cat care assistant at the branch, Dan Smith.

He said: “Now he’s coming up for eight weeks old, Tim is doing amazingly.

“He was a strong character right from the start and thankfully he’s stayed that way.

“Now he’s getting a little older I’m really beginning to see a very playful little man, he loves his toys but enjoys playing with me even more.”

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