All of the $400,000 raised on GoFundMe for homeless veteran has gone

All of the $400,000 raised on GoFundMe for homeless veteran has gone

Johnny Bobbitt’s rags-to-riches story looks like it might have a sad ending.

All the money that Kate McLure and Mark D'Amico raised – all $400,000 of it – has been spent, according to the ex-veteran’s lawyer.

Bobbitt reached viral acclaim after it came to light that he spent his final $20 buying a stranded McLure gas in a Philadelphia gas station.

Bobbitt’s lawyer Christopher C Fallon Jr told

There is no money left. Where the money went, I have no idea.

He added that Bobbitt was ‘completely devastated’ by the discovery.

The shocking news comes a week after the couple who set up the GoFundMe to raise money for him, claimed on the Today show that there was still "well over $150,000 left".

McLure and D’Amico maintain that they did not spend money on themselves, and that all the money went on buying a trailer, cameras, a truck and care on Bobbitt. They say GoFundMe fees amounted to $50,000.

They argue that they gave him $25,000, of which he spent on drugs in 13 days.

GoFundMe opened an investigation into the handling of the funds, and success seemed to be cresting the hill when a judge ordered the pair to give him control of the account.

Bobbitt and his lawyers are requesting a forensic accountant to determine if any of the money was misspent.

When the news first broke earlier this year, the couple were deemed good Samaritans for their actions. However, things started to look down for Bobbitt when they took control of the money and only gave him a sum of cash. They didn’t buy him a house – claiming that he didn’t want one – and instead purchased a trailer that they kept on their land.

A second-hand SUV followed, as did a laptop, a phone, lawyers and TVs, they claim.

In a final post on GoFundMe, McClure outlined that they were going to set him up with a house, a truck and "two trusts in his name".

There will also be 2 trusts set up in his name, one essentially giving him the ability to collect a small 'salary' each year and another retirement trust which will be wisely invested by a financial planner which he will have access to in a time frame he feels comfortable with so when the time comes he can live his retirement dream of owning a piece of land and a cabin in the country.

None of that came to fruition.

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