Irish author has the perfect response to mansplainer saying she 'probably hasn't read' the Good Friday Agreement

A journalist who wrote a book on the Good Friday Agreement has been accused of not actually reading it by a random man on Twitter and it hasn't gone down well.

Siobhan Fenton, a politics writer and adviser to Sinn Fein based in Belfast, tweeted about recent political news – namely, that the Conservative government had admitted that they would do away with the protocol on Northern Ireland contained in the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Fenton pointed out that the Conservatives have been repeatedly told – especially since the results of the Brexit vote – about the importance of the Good Friday Agreement, which was brokered in 1998 as an attempt to bring about an end to the Troubles.

This agreement resulted in a new government which would share power between the Unionists and Nationalists.

A man on Twitter replied to her – suggesting that she hadn’t read the Good Friday Agreement.

Fenton responded by pointing out that she was the author of a book literally called Good Friday Agreement.

In the comments, other people made the same point.

In a strange twist, people then started to circulate fake screenshots where Fenton replied with a photo of her book...

Which Fenton explained never happened, as she's "sadly not that sassy"... although her original reply seemed pretty good to us.

Unfortunately, Fenton isn’t the first woman to have something mansplained to her on Twitter – and probably won’t be the last.

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