Google Maps users discover former labour camp deep inside Russia

The internet was left baffled after someone scouring Google Maps came across what appeared to be a child stuck in a bin.

The discovery was made by TikToker @thegoogleearthguy who has amassed a following of 1.1 million users by posting screen recordings of his findings on Google Maps.

Other users sometimes challenge him to find unusual things, including a t-rex and a giant rubber duck in the sea. One request to find a child in a bin was remarkably successful.

They captioned the clip: “i have so many questions on to how he got there.”

It has been viewed over 624,000 times and shows him zooming in to an area of Switzerland. As he zones further in, it appears he is in Parc de Valency in Lausanne.

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Once close enough to enter street view, he says, “Ladies and gentleman, we got him” and zooms into the image of a child with their head sticking out of a green-topped bin in the park.

Other TikTok users were amazed at his ability to find such a specific thing, and even more curious about how the child ended up there.

One person simply commented: “How the hell?”

Another person wrote: “You can find anything lmao.”

Someone else joked: “Hide and seek be like.”

It also comes as someone else thinks they found a Nazi house at Berlin airport using Google Maps.

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