Gordon Brown hilariously mocks Boris Johnson's knowledge of Latin over Brexit fiasco

Gordon Brown hilariously mocks Boris Johnson's knowledge of Latin over Brexit fiasco

Whenever he can, Boris Johnson likes to display just how much Latin he actually knows but Gordon Brown has accused of not knowing one word in the language 'mea culpa' i.e. 'my fault.'

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Friday the former prime minister took a swipe at Johnson over the government's many u-turns and refusal to accept responsibility when things go wrong,

Most recently, the government has faced a wave of criticism for suggesting that they might override part of the Brexit deal which could result in the UK breaking international laws.

Brown told Ben Shepard and Kate Garraway that this will be a 'mistake' on Johnson's behalf before mocking him over his apparent love of Latin.

I think it’s a mistake. A prime minister is there to be criticised for getting things wrong particularly if you have so many U-turns. 

The funny thing about Boris Johnson is it’s his favourite to talk about Latin words but there are two he doesn’t seem to know - mea culpa.

In case you missed it; 'mea culpa' translates as 'my fault' - a phrase which seldom comes out of the mouth of Johnson.

As you can imagine, people were a big fan of this shade-throwing from the former Labour leader.

Speaking of Good Morning Britain, Johnson and the rest of the Tory cabinet have boycotted the show following relentless criticism of their handling of coronavirus by host, Piers Morgan. Neither Johnson nor any cabinet member has appeared on the morning show for more than 130 days, leading Brown to say that he should be facing the questions from the public on important issues such as Brexit.

He’s got to take some responsibility and he’s got to talk to the people of this country directly by answering question put by people as good as you and Kate.

Kate Garraway approved of this by responding "Well, that’s a good endorsement." This criticism is unlikely to see Johnson running back to Good Morning Britain but he's unlikely to appreciate that dig at his Latin skills.

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