There's a mystery 'third hand' in this government advert and no one can agree where it came from
NHS / HM Government

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government’s messaging hasn’t exactly been consistent.

First we were told parks were fine, then they were a big no-no. Boris Johnson’s dad loudly proclaimed on TV he’d still be going to the pub and the PM himself boasted about shaking hands with people. It was all a bit of a mess.

But a new advert released by the government is making waves for entirely different reasons.

At first this advert tweeted by Downing Street seems pretty simple. A young couple (or two friends, who are we to speculate?) sitting back and watching a film with their dog, with a message which encourages us to do the same and STAY HOME to SAVE LIVES.

This all sounds fairly standard, but people have noticed something strange about this photo.

It looks as though there’s an extra hand protruding from the pair, and it’s not clear who it belongs to…

Some people think it’s the woman on the left’s arm, but why is the sleeve a different colour and how is it so long?! So is it… the dog’s arm?!

The message of the advert is obviously important, but internet has a lot of questions about the hand…

Whoever's hand do you think it is, we can agree that Britain needs all the helping hands it can get right now...

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