Little Green Flag tows away Noah Montenegro’s used toy car to be recycled (Aaron Chown/PA)
Little Green Flag tows away Noah Montenegro’s used toy car to be recycled (Aaron Chown/PA)

A roadside assistance company has offered to tow toy cars that children have outgrown as part of a project to help disadvantaged youngsters in the UK.

Roadside recovery expert Green Flag has teamed up with toy brand Little Tikes to recover the classic red and yellow Cozy Coupe cars that so many will recognise.

But while these miniature “motors” are only powered by the feet of budding car enthusiasts, Green Flag will tow them as though they were road-legal vehicles via their Little Green Flag scheme.

Little Green Flag tows away 8-year old Noah Montenegro\u2019s used toy car to be recycled as part of the brand\u2019s purpose-led recover and reward service (Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

The old bangers will be recycled and new models gifted to The Toy Project who will distribute them to disadvantaged children.

The collection scheme is limited to a maximum of 50 Little Tike Cozy Coupes and will run from December 15-22.

“It was so fun seeing my tiny toy car loaded up onto the big green van and it’s cool I get to make another little girl or boy happy this Christmas,” said Noah Montenegro, eight, from south London.

Mark Newberry, commercial director at Green Flag, said: “Little Green Flag sees us doing what we do best – helping people and rescuing cars.

“Outgrown toy cars need recovering too and who better to do it than Green Flag. Together, with our partners, we hope to bring many smiles to those in need this Christmas.”

Noah Montenegro helps tow away his used Little Tike\u2019s Cozy Coupe to be recycled as part of the new Little Green Flag recovery service (Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

Anyone looking to have their child’s Little Tikes Cozy Coupe recovered by Little Green Flag should contact to find out more.

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