You need to read this child's handwritten note to the Grenfell firefighters

GETTY / DAN KITWOOD / @Londonfire

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, London's communities have come together to donate, organise, and offer shelter to those in need in an overwhelming show of unity.

Firefighters have been applauded (literally) and praised for their tireless hard work. But it's this message of thanks from Derin that's probably going to get you emotional.

It reads:

Dear all the emergency services I don't know how much I need. Thank you all by saving people's lives.

The London Fire Brigade said via Twitter that...

The support we have received from all over the world has been overwhelming.

Meanwhile, London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told Sky News she worries about the psychological affects of the firefighters, who "experienced things they'd never experienced before":

It's not just London's Fire Brigade who are working so hard on the site, teams from all over the country are lending the time, kit and expertise.

There are ladders from Surrey.

Drones from Kent.

And staff from all over.

Not all heroes wear capes.

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