An explicit cartoon of 17-year-old Greta Thunberg being raped has been spotted with the branding of a Canadian oil company on it.

According to HuffPost Canada, the sticker was found by Alberta citizen Michelle Narang, who despite being a supporter of the oil and gas industry, felt compelled to post an image of the sticker on Facebook criticising its existence.

The sticker was allegedly being handed out at job sites to be worn on hard hats, and was circulating among X-Site Energy Services employees last week with the knowledge of one of the managers.

Said manager reportedly responded to the complaint by saying that Thunberg "wasn't a child"... which seems somewhat irrelevant.

Thunberg responded in her characteristically measured way, tweeting that this shows she and her cause are winning.

This isn't necessarily wrong. Thunberg has a history of making men irrationally angry, despite the fact that her only goal in life is really to minimise the planet's destruction due to climate change.

Somehow, the likes of Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and so on seem incapable of just leaving her alone, and feel the need to constantly hurl insults and minimise her impact.

This has now escalated to the point of images of sexual violence, which is clearly worrying.

It's also heavily gendered – one can only wonder whether a male activist would be subject to such horrifying treatment and conclude that likely not.

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