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There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding, as well as outright lies, around abortion.

On the 46th anniversary of Roe V Wade, the court case that protected women’s right to an abortion in the US, New York passed a law to protect women’s access even if the case is overturned.

The law also addressed late-term abortions, allowing them to be performed after 24 weeks if the health of the mother is threatened or the fetus is not viable.

Pro-life advocates argued the bill was dangerous because it could allow abortions up to the point of birth.

Gynaecologist Jennifer Gunter knows a thing or two about late-term abortions because she’s medically trained to perform them in her state.

She explained to her Twitter followers how she's only ever done a late-term abortion when it was medically recommended to do one.

And she savaged pro-life critics who claim women have late abortions on a whim.

Then, she explained some of the heart-breaking experiences she has seen in her job.

She also had some harsh words for anyone who claims they’re an expert on the subject.

Gunter’s thread was powerful and it inspired some people to share their experiences.

Other people were thankful she shared her expertise and knowledge on the issue.

Even a doctor who admitted they could be called “pro-life” agreed with her points.

Next time you get into an argument with someone who’s pro-life, you need to remember these facts.

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