This salon is helping women change their lives with an innovative scheme

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 07 January 2017 15:15

A salon in the US is offering is customers support and advice for domestic violence alongside its regular treatments.

As well as a cut and blow-dry, customers of Joan Each Rowan’s salon can get a “how to get help” brochure from the counter, or find one hidden more discreetly in the bathroom.

There are also tear-off leaflets hanging on the wall, with the contact details of where to go for help.

Illinois-based Everything’s Relative salon has also been teaching their stylists what to do if they suspect, or know, a client is being abused by someone at home.

Picture: Everything's Relative / Facebook(Everything's Relative / Facebook)

One in three adults in the US will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,

The salon's practices are ahead of their time, as only now are authorities recognising the link between the close relationship people have with their beauty therapist and disclosing domestic abuse.

A new law has been introduced in the state of Illinois, and will come into force later this month, requiring all beauty professionals to complete one hour of training on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse.

Picture:(Everything's Relative / Facebook)

Stylists will not be required to disclose anything clients tell them, but they will be better placed to listen and help clients.

Now that's good customer service.

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