The Parish council meeting that descended into chaos has taken the internet by storm

The Parish council meeting  that descended into chaos has taken the internet by storm

A parish council meeting that quickly descended into chaos, shouting and insults being traded has quickly become one of the most talked-about things on the internet, inspiring hundreds of memes.

The Zoom call between the members of Handforth Parish Council, which reportedly took place on 10 December, has recently emerged on social media after the original footage was posted on the Cheshire council website.

The meeting that took place that evening got off to a rocky start (with someone mumbling "f*** off") and only became more bizarre from there. Within a few minutes, complete anarchy had broken loose in the meeting as several members were ejected prompting shock and laughter.

The dispute seemed to revolve around chairman Brian Tolver's question as to whether the meeting was legitimate. However, he protested this by telling the person who had called the meeting, Jackie Weaver, from the Cheshire Association of Local Councils, to "stop talking" and telling her that she had "no authority."

After he was removed from the call, councillor Aled Brewerton and another man on his camera became quite irate when Weaver attempted to elect a new chairman. The other man, claiming to be the vice-chairman, shouted "I take charge" adding "read the standing orders. read them and understand them."

Brewerton was eventually ejected as was another man called Barry Burkhill, who also seemed to oppose Weaver's intervention.

Liam Thorp, political editor for the Liverpool Echo has since reported that Tolver had been refusing to hold meetings but was offered to be the chairman for the meeting but objected to its existence.

Other highlights of the meeting, which has been edited down to an 18-minute highlight reel on YouTube, included Weaver referring to herself as 'Britney Spears' in protest to Tolver labelling himself on Zoom as 'Handforth PC Clerk,' one member taking a phone call, a man named John Smith laughing throughout and a member of the public called Alan Murdoch accidentally being booted from the call despite not being disruptive at all.

A short 30-second clip of the meeting has already been viewed more than 2 million times on Twitter, cementing its place in internet infamy and proving to be a prime source for jokes and memes.

Even Piers Morgan and politicians couldn't get enough of it.

Seriously, this should win awards.

You better believe that there are already television intros for it.

Undoubtedly the star of the show was Jackie Weaver (not to be confused with the actor of the same name), whose name was trending on Twitter, along with her alter-ego of Britney Spears.

And yes, there is a parody account.

Will the internet ever recover from such a glorious moment? Surely, only Jackie Weaver has the authority to tell us the answer to that question.

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