What do you get when you cross Harry Potter, Nicki Minaj, and homecoming? A spell binding dance routine, that's what!

Dancers from the PAC Dance Team and Advanced Dance at Walden Grove high School, in Arizona, have enchanted crowds with their incredible six-minute Harry Potter themed dance routine, which seamlessly mixes into Nicki Minaj.

After a video of the routine was posted to YouTube, it went instantly viral, and has now had nearly 5 million views.

The choreographed routine plays out the entire Harry Potter saga, starting from the moment Harry receives his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts when living in a cupboard under the stairs, to his first flying lesson, and having a duel with Voldermort.

When Voldemort enters, complete with full entourage of backing dancers, the music changes seamlessly from the Harry Potter theme tune to a poppin' Nicki track.

Last year, the school's Wizard of Oz themed dance routine also went viral, raking in more than three million YouTube views - and this one has already smashed it out the park.

Many people were quick to show their appreciation on social media, expressing their hope that JK Rowling also sees the clip.

Watch the full video here:

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