If you have a suspicion that someone you know might be a "shy Tory" that swung the election for David Cameron, you don't need to look further than their front doorstep.

According to analysis of YouGov polling data, the best way to predict voting patterns is to look at newspaper readerships.

Prospect found that the results of a post-election survey of 100,000 people show that newspaper readership is a more accurate indicator of whether someone will vote Labour or Tory than any other metric - be it age, gender, ethnicity, income or whether they work in the public or private sector.

The four most conservative groups of those polled were found to be Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express and Times readers, and the three most liberal were Independent, Guardian and Mirror readers:

The biggest political divides, according to Prospect, are now along culture rather than class lines, as evidenced by the rise of nationalist groups like the SNP and Ukip.

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