Pro-Trump account belonging to dead activist Herman Cain criticised for 'unhinged' tweet about Covid-19
Eric Thayer / Getty Images

The Twitter account of Republican activist Herman Cain shared an article suggesting coronavirus is "not as deadly as the mainstream media first made it out to be", despite the fact he died from it.

Cain's daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo, and a small group of editors have continued posting to Cain's social media accounts since his death on 30 July.

Cain Gallo explained in a blog post that this is because the 'Cain Gang' wants to continue furthering the right-wing causes Cain stood for during his life.

People think their latest tweet was particularly insensitive.

The overwhelming irony sparked an immediate backlash.

Not least because Cain attended a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, without a mask less than a month before his death. At least eight people who organised the rally tested positive for coronavirus afterwards.

Cain served as a surrogate for the Black Voices for Trump Committee, of which he was co-chair.

He remained active in US politics since his failed presidential bid in 2012, avidly supporting Trump and Republican tea party movement.

His death at 74 years old was mourned by the president.

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