The more serious the offence, the more the premium increase
The more serious the offence, the more the premium increase

There probably isn't a driver in the land who doesn't despise the sight of a speed camera - but most would agree that they are a force for good.

Enforcing speed limits in built up areas is an important part of road safety.

However, catching speeders isn't the only thing that these cameras can do.

A speed camera has the ability to catch a driver out for all sorts of offences.

Amongst their features, a speed camera can pick up when a driver isn't wearing a seat belt, is using a mobile phone or if a car has an illegal number plate.

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According to Capital Defence Lawyers, the top three most common traffic crimes are speeding, using a phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt so it's obvious those cameras are doing their jobs.

Speeding is a crime which comes with a hefty fine but you are probably unaware of how severe the punishment is for those other two misdemeanours.

New laws introduced in March find that if a driver is prosecuted for being behind the wheel when on a phone, they could face a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

Meanwhile, driving without a seatbelt could see someone wind up with a £500 charge. This has been the law in the UK since 1983.

So remember everyone, buckle up.

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Speaking to Chronicle LiveSuperintendent Sarah Pitt, head of operations at Northumbria Police, highlighted the value of these extra camera features:

Camera detection is a great tool used to help police enforce all road laws and legislations.

Many think speeding is the only thing detected however, driving without a seat belt, using mobile phones behind the wheel and more can all be identified and are all actions which make our roads a danger for motorists and pedestrians.

We need to ensure we take positive action whenever possible to keep dangerous drivers off our roads.

These laws are in place to protect people - and quite simply breaking them can cause serious injury or even death.

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