A cult favourite among teens in the early 2000s, the first High School Musical movie was released in 2006 - in that time, no-one noticed the head-scratching gaffe by an extra that has everyone talking.

At one point during the movie, TikTok user @nateredmount spotted a blunder made by an extra as they appear to walk directly into a corner.

In a video posted on his TikTok that has been viewed almost 850,000 times, the text reads: “Thinking about the time a HSM extra walked into a corner and the director thought we wouldn’t notice.”

The TikToker can be seen shaking his head, before the incident in question that takes place in the hallway of the school starts.

As the character Troy is approached by his friend Chad, in the background, an extra can be seen walking into a dead-end next to a window.

The clip had other users very amused. One commented: “THE WAY SHE LOOKED DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA.”

Another joked that “she wanted to go to Hogwarts”, while another found it strangely relatable, writing: “I often felt like doing this in high school tbh.”

Others attempted to stick up for the background extra as they thought they’d spotted a person tucked around the corner that she was going to ‘talk’ to.

They said: “She’s walking to talk to someone who is leaning against a wall! You can see their arm!”

Apparently, it’s not the first time there’s been a continuity error or filming mistake spotted in High School Musical. One user said that they’ve been forced to rewatch it because of all the “flaws” people have noticed.

They said: “TikTok is forcing me to REWATCH HSM because ya’ll have showed me EVERY flaw in the movie.”

Well, they do say most diamonds have their imperfections - apparently High School Musical is no different.

Watch the full clip here

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