After mocking Trump with a Mean Girls gif last week, Hillary Clinton has once again charmed the internet by taking a FaceTime call from her grandchildren in the middle of a speech.

Clinton was speaking at the launch of Vote Mama, a political action committee that supports Democratic candidates with young children, on Tuesday.

Halfway through her speech about the importance of supporting mothers who want to run for office, Clinton’s phone started ringing.

She took her phone out of her pocket, pulled an awkward expression, and said:

You’re not gonna believe this… Yeah, it’s my grandchildren on FaceTime

Then putting the phone to her ear, Clinton laughed and said:

Hi, Aiden! Hi, Charlotte! I’m at a meeting! I’m with all these people!”

Can I call― I’ll call you back, OK?”

I love you ― say hello to the people.”

Clinton’s audience clearly loved the exchange and clapped as she ended the call.

And after the sweet moment, people on Twitter even seemed willing to forgive Clinton for her “classic grandmother shout”.


HT/ Huffington Post

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