Hillary Clinton mocks Republicans with just two words over their so called ‘cancel culture’

Hillary Clinton mocks Republicans with just two words over their so called ‘cancel culture’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reminded everyone that the Republican Party don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to “cancel culture.”

On Thursday, Clinton told everyone about the post-9/11 days, when Republicans demanded that French fries be renamed in the congressional cafeteria after France opposed to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Suddenly, across the country conservatives refused to even see the word “French,” which makes their recent concern over “banning” items somewhat hypocritical.

Clinton tweeted: “The party of “Freedom Fries” would like you to know that “cancel culture” is a very serious problem.”

People couldn’t get enough of this iconic clap back from the former presidential candidate.

One man wrote: “The GOP would like you to forget about their cancelling of the Dixie Chicks, Colin Kaepernick, Keurig, Starbucks, NFL merchandise and tickets, Target, Nordstrom’s, and Beyonce, as well as the creation of the 1950s Hollywood blacklist.”

Someone interjected: “You couldn’t think of an example from this decade?”

Whilst another wrote: “The ones who boycotted Nike and smashed their Keurigs? Those people?”

Another recalled: “Remember when they wanted to ban SpongeBob for promoting tolerance or the Teletubbies because they might be Gay?”

And someone simply responded with this meme:

Clinton tweeted after conservative commentator Tomi Lahren proposed a solution to “cancel culture.”

She told Fox News: “It’s time we start fighting back. It’s time we start cancelling the companies that cancel other people, that cancel other ideas and say, ‘Hey listen, we don’t like how radical you’re being with your cancel culture so we’re not going to shop there.’”

That’s a lot of cancelling for some, and even more for others...then? Who knows.

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