Hillary Clinton's clap has sparked another bizarre conspiracy theory that she might not be human

She has a body double, she’s dying, she’s a murderer… the bizarre conspiracy theories stacked against Hillary Clinton are growing by the day.

But a new theory about the presidential hopeful is perhaps the most ridiculous yet.

Rumour has it that Clinton is a robot. This is a relatively common phrase used loosely and metaphorically to describe politicians who don’t appear to have much personality. But these rumours relate to Clinton being an actual robot.

What could have possible led people to think this?

Footage has emerged of her clapping “like a robotic seal” during a speech by her former rival Bernie Sanders at a rally.

People quickly took to Twitter to call this proof Clinton is actually a robot.

The theory was also fuelled following Clinton’s presence during the recent televised presidential debate with Donald Trump.

Cameras captured Clinton with what appeared to be a box and a wire going down her back, underneath her jacket (which was obviously her microphone pack).

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