Queen meets father and son serving aboard £3 billion warship

HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Queen Elizabeth
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A father and son serving together on HMS Queen Elizabeth have said the Queen was curious about how they got on when they met her during her visit to the Royal Navy flagship.

Engineering Technician Marine Engineering (ETME) Morgan Brookes and his father, Chief Petty Officer Paul Brookes, both work in the same department ensuring the smooth running of the £3 billion warship.

The father and son, from GosportHampshire both said they were thrilled to meet the Queen as she visited the carrier at Portsmouth Naval Base.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Morgan, 20, who has been in the navy for two years, said: “It was quite incredible, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she is just an amazing woman.”

Paul, originally from West Bromwich and who has been in the navy for 23 years, said: “She said how lovely it was that we were working together and she had quite a cheeky smile as she asked us about it.”

He added: “We have a good relationship and I am very proud of Morgan.

“I was a bit concerned when I heard he was joining the ship as I didn’t want his experience to be reduced by me being on the shop, but I don’t think it has.”

The Queen

Petty Officer Matthew Ready, 38, from Gosport, Hampshire, was presented with a medal for 15 years long service and good conduct by the Queen during the visit.

He said: “It was an incredible honour for me and my family.”

He said that the Queen remembered sailing past his previous ship, HMS Illustrious, in the royal yacht in Istanbul in 2008, at the moment the carrier was at risk of losing a Merlin helicopter overboard.

The father-of-two said: “She asked if I had anything to do with it and I answered that I didn’t, and if I had I wouldn’t be getting my medal.”

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